ICQ 7.7 Build 3746 Classic for Windows 10


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MSN Messenger is the first Polish program, which allows direct communication on the Internet, based on the technology of Instant Messaging. E-mail - is the latest, multi-media version of Gadu-Gadu, allows us to run audio and video conversations. The latest version includes a number of improvements reported by users and is further enhanced with the changes that make the talk by e-mail just got even better. One of the advantages of this version is that you can listen to AOL Radio - the choice of many themed music channels. For more information about how to run AOL Radio at: www.gaduradio.pl AIM utilizes Any-Bandwidth and Any-Firewall to provide the best possible video quality to achieve regardless of the bandwidth internet connection, working with any type of firewall . Sound transmission is based on GSM codecs used in GSM phones. Key features of the new AIM is: - audio and video calls (sending and receiving video - in this example, the possibility of video conferencing) - send and receive audio (voice chat PCtoPC) - New emoticons (smileys called) - a new graphical user interface (the so-called . peel) - fixed transfer files from HH - avatars - sending e-mails from the Messenger - the integration of the online community portal generation MSN Messenger (http://generacja.gadu-gadu.pl) - powerful contact management system - can check the sender's public directory before opening the chat window Here are the changes and improvements in MSN Messenger 7.7: * voice calls on the network and e-mail to landlines and mobile phones * the ability to receive incoming calls from AIM * new interface window transferring files, the ability to send and receive multiple files at the same time, easy to send files - Drag & drop option (contact list, chat window, the chat window audio) * change the graphics in the * add new prefixes mobile operators * add functionality to the menu contact context "set the same description at home" * the addition of a backup profile * autologin to the Business User in social MojaGeneracja.pl and GaduRadio.pl * add icons MojaGeneracja.pl * Telephony Integration onset of AOL IM * works with WinAmp version 5.34 * improved from receiving phone calls